We’re thrilled to introduce you to our world of creating beautiful glassware.
If this is your first time here, explore the Meet the Artists section so you can get to know us.
If you have any questions feel free to contact Amanda, she always in the studio,
whether she's painting or drinking wine; sometimes both.

Whether your’re shopping for gifts or yourself, here are a few helpful things to keep in mind.
*We love to mix and match the glasses! It’s so much fun to have a collection with different designs.
When you have friends over, everyone will know which glass is theirs.
At the end of a long day you can pick which glass fits your mood.
You can collect seasonal glasses and change them out all year.

*If your not sure what the person your buying for drinks, its always good to go with the stemless wine glass.
It is perfect for wine, mixed drinks, margaritas, and non-alcoholic beverages!

Fall Favorites

A gift you can feel good about giving.

These glasses are more than just a beautiful gift.
At Amanda Lee Glassware we believe that every young artist deserves
the chance to dream big. We hire these creatives as our artists. We supply a wonderful innovative environment and give them the tools, encouragement and confidence to make their dreams a reality.