Meet the owner and creator of Amanda Lee Glassware,

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An entirely self-taught artist, Amanda had spent most of her 20’s traveling the world, making art and drinking wine. She finally decided to settle down and pursue a degree in art history. Having never taken art classes, the excitement of learning new ways to paint sparked something in her. It was from that she applied to study painting, at the Bratislava Fine Arts Academy, in Slovakia.

Knowing that art supplies and travel would get expensive while abroad, Amanda came up with clever ways to save money. One thing she is very proud of is her ability to give the perfect gift. Just because she had to save money didn’t mean she wasn’t going to give fabulous gifts! Most of her friends and family liked wine, so she decided to paint unique glasses for any birthday or holiday leading up until the time she left. Everyone loved the glasses and wanted to give them as gifts too!

After returning home from studying painting abroad, she started dabbling a little deeper into the glass painting world. A lot of research and experimenting all lead to the same problems. All of the painted glassware out there was not durable and could barely be washed, they are mostly painted in China, the designs were very cheesy and the paint came to the rim of the glass (where your lips go!).

Amanda was on a mission to create a beautiful, classy product, that was durable enough to use every day. A gift that you would be proud to give to your loved ones and friends. After many years of experimenting, she finally created a unique paint formula that would last over time. With her fine art background, she has created stunning designs for the glasses. This combination of paint and Amanda’s eye for design is what makes Amanda Lee Glassware so unique.

We hope you and yours love the glasses as much as we do!

Amanda doesn’t just paint on glass, her passion is collage art.


These glasses are more than just a beautiful gift.
At Amanda Lee Glassware,we believe that every young artist deserves the chance to dream big. We hire these creatives as our artists. We supply a wonderful innovative environment and give them the tools, encouragement and confidence to make their dreams a reality.

Meet the brilliant, talented young artists
that make Amanda Lee Glassware so special.
Both Kaitlyn and Danica had the same high school art teacher as Amanda!



"It's not your typical job a high school student gets.
It's more challenging and nice to have the opportunity to do it as a job.
I like how unique it is as a product."

Kaitlin is 18 years old and has worked for Amanda Lee for the past three years. She is currently a college art student. Kaitlyn sells her digital artwork which centers around animals and cartoon style prints. The merchandise she creates is based on her furry characters. She designs her own characters and makes their customs. Maxwell, her fun and cute domestic rat character, is a fan favorite at the conventions she travels to.

What do you like most about working for Amanda Lee?  "It's very impressive she started her own business, specifically in the art field, despite people telling her not to. I feel motivated to paint more and create more ideas when I watch her. It's also super impressive how fast she paints...despite being here for three years, I could never keep up!"



"This place is amazing... It's got great music! I love to paint and it gives me an opportunity to be who I want to be...from an expert in the field."

Danica is 19 years old, and originally from Russia. She migrated here in 2012 with her family and found ALG through her fellow co-worker, Kaitlyn. She has worked for Amanda Lee for 2 years. She currently is in art school for fine arts and animation.

What do you like most about working for Amanda Lee? "That each glass is hand made and unique. It takes a long time to make...and the designs are beautiful. Amanda's marketing and painting skills and that she takes care of her customers. I like how there is an 'artist helping artist' vibe here. I didn't know that was a thing."