TISPY TUESDAYS: Lemon-Ginger Old-Fashioned

What do you get when you have two ex-bartenders that are both artists?

Two hot messes!
Thankfully, and for your sipping benefit, this means

Once a month we will be filming a cocktail recipe on a Tuesday and letting you have it! This requires us to be creative, be inspired by the glassware, and well, taste the product. A LOT.

This Tispy Tuesday recipe:
Lemon Ginger Old-Fashioned

Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, this old-fashioned is perfect...and not in the vermouth kind of way.


2oz Bourbon of your choice, Amanda Lee's favorite: Woodford Reserve
.5oz mixture of warm water and honey, this distills the honey to a simple syrup
.25oz Honey Ginger Balsamic Vinegar, Ours comes from our local purveyor, Oakmont Olive Oil Co.<--they are the BEST! www.oakmontoliveoilcompany.com
1 slice of ginger
1 squeeze of orange, if you want to get fancy you can simply use the orange peel and squeeze the rind outward for a dash of citrus essence
1-2 dashes of Aromatic Bitters
Ice, one solid square melts slower than small cubes

Recommended glassware: Steel City Whiskey Glass. Perfect for the black & gold lover, classy, and reserved for Champions ;)

Keep sippin' in style!

Lemon-Ginger Old Fashioned in action!