Watermelon Wine Glass

Watermelon Wine Glass


This hand painted watermelon polka dot wine glass is durable, beautiful and meant to be used daily! At 19.5oz, the wine glass is perfect for every day sipping with style. Amanda Lee blends a unique paint formula to create a product that is long lasting and impressive to look at.

A tiny watermelon detail graces the base of the glass. With bright and vibrant colors, this glass is perfect for all your summer fun!

A fantastic attribute to her designs is the “Mix & Match” mentality; no more “Which wine glass is mine?” because offering a variety of thematic designs keeps you identifying with individual glasses. She approaches each glass as if it’s a canvas ready to be painted and her designs are thoughtfully constructed. The current trend to self identify is making its way across society, so why not do it with glassware?

Amanda Lee Glassware:

Is American made and highly durable
Is hand crafted in the art studio
Has a unique paint formula made by Amanda
Ships to all 50 states
Are meant to be used daily and wash great

$18 per glass

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