Wine glasses w/ 2-Holder

Wine glasses w/ 2-Holder


Elevate your gift with 2 glasses and a hand crafted wooden holder!

This hand-painted wine glass is durable, meant to be used daily, and Amanda Lee's number 1 selling design! If you're from Pittsburgh yinz guys know what we're talking about: The Black and Gold!! These make great gifts for friends and family who are from the 'burgh and need a little piece of home. Amanda Lee blends a unique paint formula to create a product that is long lasting and impressive to look at.

These wooden holders are made to sit on top of your favorite bottle of wine as displays. Rough grain, crafted from wine barrels with a natural stain on the top!

Amanda Lee Glassware:

Is American made and highly durable
Is hand crafted in the art studio
Has a unique paint formula made by Amanda
Ships to all 50 states
Are meant to be used daily and wash great

$55, 2 glasses plus display holder, 19.5oz glasses


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