Thank you Pittsburgh Magazine for the lovely article!

Thank you Pittsburgh Magazine for the lovely article!

Featured by NBC News in both the Mother’s and Father’s Day gift guides



Here are some of our favorite picks, many of which are from companies who aren’t simply donating money during the holiday season, but supporting worthy initiatives year-round.

Regardless what you choose, the imbiber on your list will get beautifully hand-painted glassware to enjoy their drink of choice in. The designs come in rocks, pilsner and wine glasses, plus many have customization options to add a unique name or phrase. Amanda Lee isn’t only creating gorgeous glassware, but doing good while she’s at it. She hires young female artists to help guide their artistic practices throughout their art school experiences, plus she donates her space to local non-profit organizations for fundraisers and holiday events. On top of that, she frequently runs special glassware fundraisers, creating unique glass designs and donating a percentage back to the
non-profit organizations.
— NBC Better

2016 US Open
Our Favorite Merchandise At The 2016 U.S. Open

Craft Pittsburgh 2017

Red Solo Cups are for kids.
When you sip that winter warmer
around the holiday hearth, do it in style!

Artist Amanda Lee hand-paints drinkware in her Oakmont workshop, pouring a bit of herself into each pilsner, rocks, pub, wine and shot glass. Each receptacle is American-made and decorated with durable glass paint and then fired for maximum durability. Styles range from Pittsburgh's famous skyline and sports teams to beach scenes and zombies!

The standout item of the merchandise tent comes from local purveyor Amanda Lee who is still lovingly hand painting each glass due to popular demand.
— Golf Digest

The Golf Channel 2016

The USGA commissioned Amanda Lee to be THE local purveyor at the 2016 US Open. Amanda Lee Glassware was featured on the National The Golf Channel as part of a special interview.

Amanda Lee is interviewed by the Golf Channel, 2016.

Amanda Lee is interviewed by the Golf Channel, 2016.

Our FAVORITE kind of press!

Reviews from our customers

I live in Iowa, I love that I can call Amanda, place an order, and she sends it right out. I’ve received many compliments on the wine glasses and I always tell them where I bought them
— Lourene M.
Amanda Lee has a beautiful shop.
I keep coming back for the latest. I hated those wine charms
and with her glasses, I can eliminate them.
Every time I buy a new glass it’s my favorite
— Alfreda G.
My sister bought me four beautiful butterfly wine glasses from Amanda and I loved them immediately! I have since bought two for my cousin and four for my mother, all of whom loved them! I am an Amanda Lee fan for life! Her work is beautiful and she is so kind. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
— Katie R.
I just love Amanda Lee Glassware! We have purchased many wine glasses from Amanda.....for gifts and personal use and everyone always LOVES them!! I enjoy visiting the shop and chatting with Amanda Love the atmosphere and you always feel welcome!
— Heather M.
Amanda Lee goes above and beyond. I’ve bought glasses for gifts on several occasions. My daughter even bought glasses for bridesmaids gifts. I would highly recommend Amanda Lee Glassware for the product and customer service. 5*****
— Christine B.
My friends and family have been huge fans of Amanda Lee and Amanda Lee Glassware! Our first collection of stemware was the original Pittsburgh Skyline! We were hooked! The Imagination, artistry, and overall quality has been bringing us back to Oakmont for every holiday and gift occasion. Amanda’s shop is a Pittsburgh destination. Her Christmas collection is a family favorite and show stopper! Amanda Lee Glassware can ship to any destination in the world! Her shipping boxes are decorated beautifully and make a great gift presentation.
We Are Forever Customers!!

Featured Fan-Brenda

Check out all of Brenda’s photos, she takes her Amanda Lee glasses everywhere!

It may seem crazy that I take my wine glasses everywhere, but let me tell you why.
I’ve been to parties where you have the little wine charm on your glass.
Sure that’s cute, but I wanted something different.
I like drinking beer or wine from a wine glass, usually it’s beer ( on ice)
I came across different decorated wine glasses, I bought them and started
taking them to parties, dinner, family events etc.
I liked the reaction I got and people started looking forward to seeing which glass I would bring.
Waitress love them, other people at the bars, restaurants, parties always comment.
I loved the attention, I feel special having my own glass. It brings out my personality. It make events more fun picking out just which glass to bring. Some people accessorize with jewelry, purses etc ... me, it’s my wineglass.

The problem is some of them just don’t hold up, as soon as they get cold the paint flakes the gems come off. :(
I came across Amanda Lee Glassware started buying and using them.
I was hooked, no more peeling paint, flaking off on my hands and lips,
they are easy to wash , the paint never fades.

There is such a wide variety, I have a glass for every occasion!!
I only buy Amanda Lee now, my friends and family are hooked as well!!”

Fan Photos

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