Grinch Movie Boxed 4-Set

Grinch Movie Boxed 4-Set


For any Grinch lover or just because it’s the holidays! Amanda Lee blends a unique paint formula to create a product that is long lasting and impressive to look at. Glitter on certain details of each glass make them stand out and PERFECT for holiday gatherings!

Drink Up Grinches, Grinch Present, and Whimsical Holiday Swirls!

A fantastic attribute to her designs is the “Mix & Match” mentality; no more “Which wine glass is mine?” because offering a variety of thematic designs and colors keeps you identifying with individual glasses.

Amanda Lee Glassware:

Is American made and highly durable
Is hand crafted in the art studio
Has a unique paint formula made by Amanda
Ships to all 50 states
Are meant to be used daily and wash great

$90, 4-Set Stemless Glasses with Gift Box
Stemless, 21oz


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