Character 4-Set

Character 4-Set


These hand painted characters are durable, beautiful and meant to be used daily! The glasses are perfect for holiday sipping with style. Amanda Lee blends a unique paint formula to create a product that is long lasting and impressive to look at. Glitter on certain details of each character make these glasses stand out and PERFECT for holiday gatherings!

A fantastic attribute to her designs is the “Mix & Match” mentality; no more “Which wine glass is mine?” because offering a variety of thematic designs and colors keeps you identifying with individual glasses.

Amanda Lee Glassware:

Is American made and highly durable
Is hand crafted in the art studio
Has a unique paint formula made by Amanda
Ships to all 50 states
Are meant to be used daily and wash great

$72 for 4-set of glasses
Stemmed Wine, 19.5oz
Stemless, 21oz
Whiskey, 14oz

Choose either stemmed, stemless, or whiskey.


Style of Glass:
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