Iridescent Snowflake Whiskey Set

Iridescent Snowflake Whiskey Set


This hand painted iridescent snowflake glass is durable, beautiful and meant to be used daily! Shimmery paint gives the glasses a frosted wintry look and glitter makes them shine and sparkle. Theses glasses are sure to attract at every holiday or winter party you host!

The hand crafted box is lovingly made in Pittsburgh, PA, by Gio Attisano. Attisano’s company is Puzzle Pax and has been partnering with Amanda Lee for more than three years.

Amanda Lee Glassware:

Is American made and highly durable
Is hand crafted in the art studio
Has a unique paint formula made by Amanda
Ships to all 50 states
Are meant to be used daily and wash great

$90, 4 stemless glasses in crafted gift box
Stemless, 21oz


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