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TISPY TUESDAYS: Watermelon Margaritas

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Welcome to our FIRST TISPY TUESDAY! 

Once a month we will be filming a cocktail recipe on a Tuesday and letting you have it! This requires us to be creative, be inspired by the glassware, and well, taste the product. A LOT.

This Tispy Tuesday recipe: Watermelon Margaritas! This margarita is a punch of watermelon, cool, refreshing, and pretty to look at! Salt is at your may overpower the flavor of the fruit!


1.5-2oz Tequila of your choice, more tequila, more boozy
.5oz Grand Marnier
.5oz fresh squeeze lemon juice
.5oz local honey (we used wildflower honey in ours)
.5oz lemon balsamic vinegar, yes you heard us! This goes great in sangria as well. Ours comes from our local purveyor, Oamont Olive Oil Co.<--they are the BEST!
1 slice of watermelon
ice, at your discretion, will make it thicker or thinner

Place all items in blender and blend! Pour into Amanda Lee Glassware and enjoy!

Keep sippin' in style!

The Glassware

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As part of the new Amanda Lee Glassware space, we wanted to introduce to the world, Amanda Lee, and start this blog. This is the artist behind the glasses. She has built ALG from the ground up and her unique designs and ideas take a lot of wine to keep producing. Choosing an Amanda Lee glass for the evening isn't just about drinking wine, it's about deciding what mood you're in! The wine does the rest...

Her favorite things: Pinot Noir, Red Zinfandel, Cabernet, and a good Woodford Old-Fashioned 

See how Amanda Lee responds when asked about her glassware... It's Wine-Thirty is Amanda Lee Glassware's blog about wine, art, business, and anything you might discuss while drinking wine. Sip in style and subscribe to the blog!